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Bijesh Ram, activity instructor with Muddyboots, takes us on an untrodden path to the Pakkam Kotta temple.
Historically significant, the Pakkam Kotta Temple is situated near the Kuruva Islands in Wayanad district of Kerala. The temple which is more than 600 years old is located deep inside the forest. The temple is maintained and cared by the one of tribal groups known as Kurumans.

The colonies of Thirumugham, Elliampath, Cheriyamala and Kandamala take care of the traditional and cultural customs of this temple. The worship and prayers are conducted by Brahmin priests who belong to the Pannikkal swamis. They take pride in conducting the traditional and cultural customs as it was conducted back in ancient times.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Brahmarakshas and Lord Ganesh. All their idols are also found in the temple. Shivratri, which falls in March, is considered as the main day of celebration for this temple, and this day is marked by traditional dance and cultural activities.

The peculiarity about the temple is that the idol of Lord Ganesh keeps growing every year. The temple is made up of stones and bricks, which also dates back to an ancient civilization. During the invasion of Wayanad by Tipu Sultan, it was attacked and razed to the ground. But the people who maintained it, renovated it with bamboos and timber. The temple still remains a historical monument with all its significance and pride.


What gives Wayanad a unique place in the tourist map is not only its natural beauty but also the traditions and customs that people have practised for years. So, next time, when you visit Wayanad, make sure not to miss this sacred and historical temple. Contact MuddyBoots ( for guidance.


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