Serenity and picture postcard views: Greenex Farms in Chundale

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If you’re looking for a holiday where you don’t need to do much, then you’ve found the perfect place!

Greenex Farms, located on the top of a hill with some of the most beautiful views all around the property, is the ideal holiday and getaway you can wish for.

Whether it is with your family, with a group of friends or even on your own, this plantation stay offers a mix of everything – great food, attentive service staff and a serene and quiet ambience.

Greenex is located in Chundale, which is just a few kilometres from Kalpetta town, which is the capital of Wayanad district. You can take a bus till Kalpetta and then take a local jeep/rickshaw till the property. A better idea is to call up the property and ask them to send a vehicle as it is a little tricky getting to the plantation (and there are no signs).

Looking out of the sunflower

The location of this plantation stay is unbeatable. You are surrounded by the hills, giving you 360 degree picture postcard views. It’s also difficult to choose a room to stay in. From the cosy treehouse to the pretty sunflower, to the romantic petunia, you will be spoilt for choice.

View of the sunflower Communal living
Treehouse views The cottage with the verandah

The plantation is designed for families travelling together. Besides a walking and cycling trail, there is a natural pool where you can dive into. And Ernest Poyyail, who set up this property a few years ago, informs that a new organic pool and is currently being constructed.

Lots of cleaning

There are also ambitious plans of a water body and a walking trail around, so there’s lots to look forward to in the future. While you’re there, make sure you walk around and discover the property. You can also take longer walks that will take you into the plantation to enjoy the expansive views.

The pond is up!

Central area for dining

The food is delicious and every meal is like a feast. Be prepared to eat more on this holiday and maybe that might egg you on to try a few adventure activities too. A perfect getaway for a few days.

While you can just chill out and take the view for a day or two, once you feel the need for some adventure, you can call MuddyBoots. Whether it’s cycling through the scenic back rounds of Wayanad, or walking through beautiful scenic trails, we know the area well and can assure you’ll get an experience of a lifetime!

Greenex Farms can be reached via their website.

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